Sunday, 11 August 2013


I haven't posted in a week exactly so i think i'm way overdue a post and it feels waywayway longer than it has actually been
Not a lot has happened but I feel it has: i went to Blackpool on Wednesday til Friday and did a bunch of stuff with my Mom and Sister and that's literally it but i feel like there's been much more

This was Monday, that night i slept at a family friends house with my sister and went to Gretna with their four year old and bought some Pink lemonade tea, all gud

(jumper - Topshop, Leggings - Topshop, Jewellery  all Topshop, Shoes - Doc Martens)

The morning before we left for blackpool (on the right) and the photo on the left was taken a few hours after we arrived, in some shop that sold rock on the promenade
On the train we switch at preston then get on one of those tiny Northern rail trains and then go from Preston to Blackpool. On the Carlisle to Preston Virgin train, i felt sick the entire time and it was horrid. The route was super bendy and i feel sick in the mornings anyway and nothing could distract the horrible pukey feeling that was just resting in my stomach
(I wore my thick Grey midi dress from Topshop with a bunch of random necklaces and my spiked bracelet from Topshop)

We got to the BnB, and i work ion a BnB but i've never stayed in one so the standards i know are the only ones i know, and they were so much better than where we stayed. It was good for a two night thing but nah never again. We dumped our stuff then headed out to the promenade and omg it was so hot and sunny. We went for chips at this little corner place and then my sister wanted to go to Coral Island so we did and she won like a bunch of tickets and got me some temp tattoos.

After all this we went round the back to where all the shops are (didn't venture into Topshop, sadly) and it was so suny I had to go buy some emergency sunglasses from primark. And heads up if you dont like primark i urge you to eve just TRY their new sunglasses they have in right now, i bought two pairs they were fucking fabulous. After all this we just sorta sat on the front by the sea and people watched for a bit

Fucking rock flavours are weird man

Thursday started off a bit weird. At breakfast i felt so sick and i had to keep leaving the room, i can't be around food that early. When we walked to the Pleasure Beach i was absolutely fine but queuing to get our wristbands, i felt sick again so i had to sit outside. When we got in i started to feel sick again and when we got on the first ride, i had to get off straight away because there was no way i could endure it.
I rang George and i got some water, watched my Mom and sister on a couple rides and felt fine for the rest of the day, weird.

We got a tram back and they are so cool i sound so lame. We got a chinese and Laura got so excited about a can of Relentless that she dropped it under a van

(Dress - £8, Shirt - £5, Bikini - £10, White glasses - £2.50, Turtoise shell glasses - £3)

On the Friday I also stopped off at primark and picked p a couple stuff. I'm having to take the dress back though, which i'm gutted about, because its too tight under the arms and stuff which sucks. I ALSO stopped off at HMV and bought The Impossible for like a fiver and got this Fleetwood Mac cd with it for something crazy for like £2.99, i also got fight club. And being the lame 17 year old i am, Mom had to buy it for me.


(Necklace - £5 Topshop, Dress - £36 Topshop, Shirt - £5 Primark)

Last night Mom invited me out for dinner with her and her boyfriend and i had the biggest hot dog I ever saw and I ate it all, plus chips. AND I'm still full.

I then sulked for the rest of the night til about 2am, about the rain


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