Saturday, 17 August 2013

this song is a song and it starts with a D

if you're clever or cool enough to recognize what the title of this post is from then well done you

I won't be posting til Thursday or Wednesday night because tomorrow I'm going to sEE THE CRIBS WITH GEORGE and i'm very excited but i don't listen to them much so i'm gonna try and dance very hard and get drunk maybe. Then on Monday I get the train to George's house which is 100 miles away from here but not very far from Newcastle (where the gig is).
Thursday was day from hell and I had to go into school to collect my AS results and I passed everything but didn't do AS well as i hoped for but whatever all I have to do is work my butt off this year, which i'm sure as heck gonna do.
I worked today and yesterday and got paid more than I was hoping for and now i'm just talking about rubbish.

Art, as a subject in schools, is something i really worry about and it fucking pisses me off. I've been doing art for three years and 'cause of the shitty grade I came out with this year I'm having to drop it. It's like impossible to pick up and make into a decent A or B. Art teachers like to tell students they have a broad outlook on all types of art but really that's bullshit and at the end of the day unless you do fine art (drawing, painting, watercolour, oil paints etc) you're fucked. I know some people who are pretty talented at art and I'm so glad they've gotten the grade they've wanted but I mean I'm pretty pissed. If I work my butt off for one whole year to come out with what I did then just i dunno. Maybe it'sjust my school and I don't know what others feel about it but even at GCSE I thought I got pretty mugged off; grading no higher than a C by the end of year eleven. 
I'm not good at drawing OR painting but i am good at concepts and combining ideas, installation and I'm good at printing. I mean I created a piece of work sometime last year and my teacher sat infront of me and looked me in the eye and said "it's basically rubbish Rachel".
How the fuck can you tell someone their ART work is rubbish, it's fucking ART, there's nothing technical about it. You can't classify my work as rubbish; it's your opinion, even though it's still full of shit.

It's just bullshit.


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