Thursday, 29 August 2013

she wore blue scrunchie's, bluer than scrunchie's were her eyes

I have bought SOSOoso (sort of) much since i last posted and it's just gonna be another crappy post about me showing off how little i can afford
I bought a pair of dungarees yesterday and ever since then i've been in this weird/awkward 80's/90's type mindset thing and i think i might sleep in it tonight who knows

last sunday (18th) i met george in newcastle and we saw the cribs who were fucking great. I didn't get any photo's of them because i was so scared i'd drop my phone but whatever here are some photo's i found from google

I'm only showing you these to emphasize just how cool Ryan Jarman is
after that gig i think i'd regrown my love for him and now i have decided i am willing to put my life on the line for any man in cut-off shorts and striped leggings

i bought vampire weekends new album from hmv for fucking £13, it wasn't til l8r i realised i also got a poster AND the cd with it as well, hashtag bargain

I bought this cute shirt from Urban Renewal @ Urban Outfitters for £25 it was expensive for a shirt that looks severely beaten up but apparently i didn't care
Then Monday (26th) i tripped off to Glasgow and in the station we got to see some gr8 festival goers coming back from leeds/reading/creamfields/dunno, it was amusing 

Laura doesn't fucking like Edinburgh

I bought these super cute dungarees from Urban Outfitters yesterday (£20) and I am sooooo happy with them!1!!
I also got that blue velvet scrunchie from American Apparel (£4.50)

I know it's been long and I know I haven't said much but truth be told i'm a lazy prick


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