Monday, 29 July 2013


I realised I haven't really said much about myself and I dunno I don't really find it too important but in the past there've been loads of times where i've read blogs and the writer hasn't included info about themselves and it annoyed me loads
My name is Rachel-Helen but Rachel is cool because my mom wanted to be the quirky mom who double-barreled her daughters first name. I'm 17 and I'm stuck in this part of late-teen life where i dunno if i want to shave my hair off, grow it, dress like something one day or dress the complete opposite the next day.
I don't do anything at all with my life i don't do any extra-curricular stuff or play an instrument but i do sit on the internet most of the time and make noises like "ooh" or "aah" at pretty pictures. And cry over the perfect lives of beauty youtubers
Ignore the fact I say Mom out of habit, I am from North-West England and I don't mind it

I can't write anything very well like I am terrible at blogging but it is something that pleases me, I think some aspects of my life (not much you've seen) can be interesting and nobody really cares so what better way to show people that to force it infront of them??!!!1

took me weeks to properly get over this
Which leads me on to say i am one of the biggest Flo Welch/ Florence + The Machine fans you will ever come across, sort of, I'm one of the sane ones. if I ever met her I'd fall, merciless, to the floor, kiss her feet, kiss her face, maybe experience a couple seizures

My "style icons" who i don't base my style around, I just really like, are probs Cavan Mccarthy, Billie Porter and Florence Welch. All of which: fucking babes

It sounds incredibly generic and dumb and so "haha pay attentio0n to me I am different to everybody else I am uniQue I swear by it!2", my music taste is pretty varied. The charts is tolerable, I like beachy sounds and cute boys with long hair who wear pyjama bottoms as everyday attire. 
I swear by the life of Stevie Nicks. I would encourage anybody to try Fleetwood Mac, I live by Tango In The Night and Sara is one of the best records ever made.
For a quick idea about my music taste click on this page to my tumblr, where you can see a brief list of SOME of the bands I've seen live (A LOT of stuff is missing from there, my taste is vaster)

I'm 5 ft 10, my boyfriend is called George and my birthday is the anniversary of the end of World War One, work it out. Here are some of my faves:

My looovvverly boyfriend, George
Me and my best friend Robyn (who you can't, actually see...)
Haim, Glasgow 27th May, (dunno venue, forgot)
Robyn looking after me like a half hour before I got kicked out of some half 9 at night....
Cavan, when i saw Swim Deep for the third time, February 21st, Reds Bar Newcastle
When i met The Machine!!11!!!(Chris, Rob and Tom from Florence + The Machine)


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Spring Green but it's not even spring

Ok so today I met up with my friend Georgia who i haven't even seen since my birthday last November!
Her boyfriend and her picked me up from my house to drop her an I off in town and we basically spent the day being massive galz n it was super cute
Like I've been trying to get more into make-up and she's fucking spot on with that area
It's also kind of handy because I'm way more into clothing and fashion so she asks me to help her out which is cute
I had to pick up some powder because I'm running low and I just so happened to "run into" (purposely walk past because I have no self control), the Barry M stand and I picked up the most gorgeous green colour

Barry.M Nail Paint in the colour Spring Green - £2.99

Pressed Powder - Collection, £1.99
Make-up Removing Wipes - Skin Therapy, £1.20

Ok whatever I know wipes are just wipes but I have been in desperate need for make-up removing wipes for an absolute age and if I end up having an allergic reaction to them I'll scream, so I'll come back to you

(at this point my boyfriend rang and we stayed on the phone so long that it was too late for me to bother to finish the post so now it's Sunday, hi)

Ok so last night I tried out the wipes whilst removing my make-up and I am disappointed with the moisture...
They aren't that wet
like, so they do't feel that effective
but I only had to use one so i'll see
I also had a real fun time when i got back from town organizing my room (ish)
I have a messily tidy bedroom, i have so so much junk and random objects and I just collect the most amount of stuff and to ME it's organised but to everyone else it looks messy, so i sorted it out a little
And by 'sort out' i mean i put all my 7" records in a shoe box separate from my 12"....

My record collection is too big considering i don't even listen to 70% of them and it's pretty stupid
But I refuse to sell any or give any away or loan any
i won't even let anybody touch my turntable unless they use a record player at home
If anybody scratches any of my records all hell will break loose on them

Have a cool day


Friday, 26 July 2013

let it go, Diane

Nail Varnish - Topshop NAILS in the colour "Gone Fishing" - £5

So I work for a B&B cleaning their rooms like a few days a week (now it's summer) and in this heat it is actual torture, i only work for an hour and a half to two hours each time but it's crazy hot and basically unbearable
I never got paid today but I'm due like £40 on Sunday, so excited
I wandered on into River Island today not expecting anything special, and I only had £10 to spend because I was saving up some other money
I found this belt for quite a bit then when I got home I realised I'd bought a small, so i put it up on ebay and if you wanna buy it there you all go (CLICK HERE FOR THE PAGE)
And then these two sets of earrings, River Island Jewelry is so so cheap in comparison to places like Topshop it's gr8

I DID have nothing to write on but then whatever I decided to have friends today and me and Robyn went to town and it's too too hot to even type about anything other than i feel way sick and dizzy and i need wat-ah

ALSO I am super excited for the new Swim Deep album to be released so here is their most recent release i think they posted it up on like Wednesday or Thursday or something


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

i'm up all night to get drunky

I woke up this morning realising 1) it was raining, 2) it was thundering, 3) i had a huge need to write a blogpost for you all
(whoever you all are)
(considering i still have zero followers)
(but you decide to blog my page views up)
(for which i thank you)
(but really just follow me)
because my Barry M nail polish has been on for two days and I am usually so bad at keeping my polish tidy but it hasb't even chipped
and with my job and work and stuff (b&b cleaning, yawn) it's pretty easy to chip nails etc so for that, Barry.M I thank you
So far I only own one BM polish (Blue Moon) because when i first bought it i didn't like it that much. I am guilty of applying way too much varnish when I do my nails and I got so frustrated because it was so runny. It took me a while to realize I had to apply multiple thin layers as opposed to thick ones (fucking duh).

Robyn, my best friend, actually told me to buy these and I know I'm way beind on the band wagon but whatever get used to it
basically go buy Barry M polish it will change ur life

I hope this demonstrates just how early it was and how tired i am

Also enjoy this little snippet of Florence Welch (my all time favourite singer and band FATM ever of all time, learn that fact and learn it fast, i love them/her) getting wasted on Sunday night and jumping on stage in some South London pub to sing with some South London band
It is great, I haven't seen her this publicly wasted since like 2009, all my best dreams are coming true


Monday, 22 July 2013

"i'll be Zachary and you be Sky"

I am super bloated and i'm not sure how i feel about it
i feel terrible
I got stuff from yesterday to post cause i was super lazy and forgot/couldn't be bothered to post (sorry)

Eyeshadows - GOSH, £7.99
Liquid liner - Rimmel Glam Eyes, £5.30
Eyeliner (waterline) - Avon Glimmerstick (smokey diamond), £3
Mascara - Avon Superextend, £4
Foundation - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, £7.70
Powder - Collection 2000 Pressed Powder, £2
Bronzer - Avon GlOW Bronzing Pearls - £10

Yesterdays get-up, i was feeling rather cool and my mom and my sister and I all went out for dinner and it was well good, until it got cold and I was sat outside freezing in a tank top wondering why I was alive but whatever
I had the biggest hugest salad with chicken and bacon and it wasn't as big as it usually is but i was pretty full which made me happy but i felt like a heff all day which nah that wasn't too great
Before I went out I also sunbathed for a considerable amount of time in my yard and I wasn't even out for long but you can already tell I'm catching the sun!!!11(makes me super happy)

Today I literally flung on whatever and hoped for the best yeah

Glasses - Primark, £1
Nails - Barry M, £3.50
Socks - Topshop, £3.50
Vans - £45

Mom asked me to water the plants
Also last night I went crazy with holiday plans and packed everything even though I don't go on holiday for another week and 3 months
I unpacked everything this morning
I did so because I just went crazy making lists and listed everything i was packing, jewellery, toilettries, clothes, shoes etc and then listed everything I needed and the list is rather extensive but I like to be organised
I've had DIIV stuck in my head the entire time of writing this so here is DIIV have a nice day



Saturday, 20 July 2013

"well, i'm just tryna like, stay, gracefully drunk *laughs* all day"

So I decided to go out Thursday night and I managed to stay, somewhat, gracefully drunk all night
Though Robyn threw up on herself when she got out the taxi
I woke up to this mess last night and had a panic attack almost maybe (not really) but when myunderwear drawer is tipped out it takes an age to get it all back in

It's my first day of the Summer holiday today and I spent the day cleaning the entire house and ironing everybody's ironing and I have come to a fine conclusion that I am the worst at being a 17 year old girl
I just kept repeating to myself "you are not satisfying gender roles"
I was fine
f i n e

Pink Undercoat - Rimmel, £1.50
Pink Crackle Polish - Collection 2000, no price
Blue Undercoat - Avon, £3
Silver Overcoat - W7, no price

I also had time to do my nails and I don't even know if I like them but whatever


i'm bored

Thursday, 18 July 2013

love me two times

it's is searingly hot today i just can't do anything, i was meant to be going out tonight but i get drunk so easy and the heat makes me dizzy and i'd just feel sick too easy
I keep pausing writing because I am either falling asleep or stalking people on twitter or sippin' on coke
My mom came back from Glasgow today so i went and met her in town and she brought me back some goodies from Primark, I never even shop there but she saw this tee, got me it, and i decided i needed some new pyjama bottoms

Sunnies - Primark, £1
Orange Varnish - Topshop, £5
Black Varnish - Rimmel, £1.50

my hair was wet and i was dancing around to Stevie Nicks
I'm not sure if i have anything else to say really
Tomorrow is the last day of school and i am working this weekend so i get paid on Sunday but i have to save all my money for going to see The Cribs next month (sososososo excited!111)

lovin' u n leavin' u


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

modern baby girl

I woke up and I felt skinny and my stomach felt tight and i could see my hipbones. I'm not bothered about my weight, if i'm at a light weight whatever, if i'm heavier i don't care. I just found it interesting, it was weird.
my finger nails are definitely growing
i have work at half past ten in the morning today and then i come home to shower and we're going on a roadtrip
it's not really a road trip, it's glasgow and we usually get the train there but this time we're driving and i never have road trips, so i'm having fun with it

I'm trying to make my life more interesting by doing things but my budget isn;t agreeing with me, except part of it is temporary tattoos because they're fun and they make you look crazy if people see you got Hello kitty on your wrist
I tried doing some journal stuff last night except it's not a journal it's just a book where i put personal stuff in and maybe write some words, and it's part of my art project
I'm trying to make it as personal as possible; i'm trying to scare my teachers i think

The scanner went weird when it did the front so i just took a picture

This is what i have done already and i have another six weeks, i am so excited
I plan to taker the book everywhere with me and i have taken a load of disposables to stick in it, i hope to fill it with photo's, i asked my teacher and she said it was ok

ALSO I HAVE MADE AN EBAY PAGE, i will be selling probably mostly clothes and my prom dress from last year is up there so go check the page out HERE


Monday, 15 July 2013

keeping keith by my bedside

that is the title of my first single off my debut album, if i ever make a debut album, which i won't, i'm not a singer, i can't sing.
 i had a fantastic three days and today i almost puked in mcdonalds, i had a breakdown and the guy next to me shifted down the seats because he thought i was gonna upchuck on his sweater or something
i should have because he was rude but i didn't
that is my boyfriend, George, and i love him very much but sadly he doesn't live here and he went home today (post-puke incident)
we had a tremendous weekend and today and saturday i bought some good stuff and i revamped my posters and my room's looking so great

look how cool and awesome and CHEAP everything is!

my room is so safe and so cool and so full of junk it's my favourite place ever in the world
also George gave me this Pixies t-shirt he didn't want, it's huge and amazing