Saturday, 3 August 2013


I haven't posted much because George visited late Thursday night and I never usually get online when anyone's round and considering he was here for almost 48 hours straight...
Recently I've been sort of building up my room, like the junk n stuff
well not recently, it's always, but more recently i'venoticed the "junk n stuff" bit has increased
not really i just like what my room looks like

so i took some photo's to show and because i'm a top dick'ed i took them on some polaroid app on my phone

My bed and my ipod player thingy which doesn't even charge my ipod, fucking bummer
Some NME and The Fly cutouts which i put up above my bed earlier today, expecting them to fall down because of the heat

Some Beatles tin lid and a few stills from movies and my Haim disposable, also a cool drawing done by my friend Dominika!
Record player and my NME collection to the left, cd's to the right (worst collection you will ever experience)

A small collection of my disposables and some NME pages on the right, my lists for things to take on holiday above them
My second clothing rail and my heels and a pair of my flatforms

Books, all my DVDs (stupidly small collection) and then some random shit hanging around

Left of the bookcase, some posters from NME, a couple from Company magazine.
The black and white poster at the bottom came with my Rumours vinyl and the one above that came with my Peace album
Main wardrobe, most of my flats etc (and a wine bottle, dunno)
My two Florence posters I got from the FATM tour early 2012, vogue covers, NME  cover, and some pictures of Florence
My "desk", some random pile of broken electricals beside it and my birdcage

Unorganized wall, more like a giant pin board, personal stuff i want to be visible etc

Signed Spector times sheet from their gig October 2012
The Fly cutout of swim deep and a Maccabees setlist i got from a Black Keys gig they supported in December 2012, also my Big Weekend 2011 ticket below them
Florence Welch company cover, couple of festival wristbands, Warpaint cutout, George Harrison picture, some picture of Cavan and Zach from swim deep, my Swim Deep tickets on the right
Records and a Jaws drumstick jake gave me from their gig February this year
My thimble collection and vogue collection on the desk along with an old Starbucks cup and a copy of Gatsby and Wreck This Journal, an old broken radio and a pile of old VHS tapes on the right

My room is entirely bollocks but i like it and i rarely hang out in their but it's like a mini installation piece, i think
my friends like it anyway

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