Monday, 29 July 2013


I realised I haven't really said much about myself and I dunno I don't really find it too important but in the past there've been loads of times where i've read blogs and the writer hasn't included info about themselves and it annoyed me loads
My name is Rachel-Helen but Rachel is cool because my mom wanted to be the quirky mom who double-barreled her daughters first name. I'm 17 and I'm stuck in this part of late-teen life where i dunno if i want to shave my hair off, grow it, dress like something one day or dress the complete opposite the next day.
I don't do anything at all with my life i don't do any extra-curricular stuff or play an instrument but i do sit on the internet most of the time and make noises like "ooh" or "aah" at pretty pictures. And cry over the perfect lives of beauty youtubers
Ignore the fact I say Mom out of habit, I am from North-West England and I don't mind it

I can't write anything very well like I am terrible at blogging but it is something that pleases me, I think some aspects of my life (not much you've seen) can be interesting and nobody really cares so what better way to show people that to force it infront of them??!!!1

took me weeks to properly get over this
Which leads me on to say i am one of the biggest Flo Welch/ Florence + The Machine fans you will ever come across, sort of, I'm one of the sane ones. if I ever met her I'd fall, merciless, to the floor, kiss her feet, kiss her face, maybe experience a couple seizures

My "style icons" who i don't base my style around, I just really like, are probs Cavan Mccarthy, Billie Porter and Florence Welch. All of which: fucking babes

It sounds incredibly generic and dumb and so "haha pay attentio0n to me I am different to everybody else I am uniQue I swear by it!2", my music taste is pretty varied. The charts is tolerable, I like beachy sounds and cute boys with long hair who wear pyjama bottoms as everyday attire. 
I swear by the life of Stevie Nicks. I would encourage anybody to try Fleetwood Mac, I live by Tango In The Night and Sara is one of the best records ever made.
For a quick idea about my music taste click on this page to my tumblr, where you can see a brief list of SOME of the bands I've seen live (A LOT of stuff is missing from there, my taste is vaster)

I'm 5 ft 10, my boyfriend is called George and my birthday is the anniversary of the end of World War One, work it out. Here are some of my faves:

My looovvverly boyfriend, George
Me and my best friend Robyn (who you can't, actually see...)
Haim, Glasgow 27th May, (dunno venue, forgot)
Robyn looking after me like a half hour before I got kicked out of some half 9 at night....
Cavan, when i saw Swim Deep for the third time, February 21st, Reds Bar Newcastle
When i met The Machine!!11!!!(Chris, Rob and Tom from Florence + The Machine)


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