Sunday, 28 July 2013

Spring Green but it's not even spring

Ok so today I met up with my friend Georgia who i haven't even seen since my birthday last November!
Her boyfriend and her picked me up from my house to drop her an I off in town and we basically spent the day being massive galz n it was super cute
Like I've been trying to get more into make-up and she's fucking spot on with that area
It's also kind of handy because I'm way more into clothing and fashion so she asks me to help her out which is cute
I had to pick up some powder because I'm running low and I just so happened to "run into" (purposely walk past because I have no self control), the Barry M stand and I picked up the most gorgeous green colour

Barry.M Nail Paint in the colour Spring Green - £2.99

Pressed Powder - Collection, £1.99
Make-up Removing Wipes - Skin Therapy, £1.20

Ok whatever I know wipes are just wipes but I have been in desperate need for make-up removing wipes for an absolute age and if I end up having an allergic reaction to them I'll scream, so I'll come back to you

(at this point my boyfriend rang and we stayed on the phone so long that it was too late for me to bother to finish the post so now it's Sunday, hi)

Ok so last night I tried out the wipes whilst removing my make-up and I am disappointed with the moisture...
They aren't that wet
like, so they do't feel that effective
but I only had to use one so i'll see
I also had a real fun time when i got back from town organizing my room (ish)
I have a messily tidy bedroom, i have so so much junk and random objects and I just collect the most amount of stuff and to ME it's organised but to everyone else it looks messy, so i sorted it out a little
And by 'sort out' i mean i put all my 7" records in a shoe box separate from my 12"....

My record collection is too big considering i don't even listen to 70% of them and it's pretty stupid
But I refuse to sell any or give any away or loan any
i won't even let anybody touch my turntable unless they use a record player at home
If anybody scratches any of my records all hell will break loose on them

Have a cool day


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