Monday, 15 July 2013

keeping keith by my bedside

that is the title of my first single off my debut album, if i ever make a debut album, which i won't, i'm not a singer, i can't sing.
 i had a fantastic three days and today i almost puked in mcdonalds, i had a breakdown and the guy next to me shifted down the seats because he thought i was gonna upchuck on his sweater or something
i should have because he was rude but i didn't
that is my boyfriend, George, and i love him very much but sadly he doesn't live here and he went home today (post-puke incident)
we had a tremendous weekend and today and saturday i bought some good stuff and i revamped my posters and my room's looking so great

look how cool and awesome and CHEAP everything is!

my room is so safe and so cool and so full of junk it's my favourite place ever in the world
also George gave me this Pixies t-shirt he didn't want, it's huge and amazing 


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