Tuesday, 23 July 2013

i'm up all night to get drunky

I woke up this morning realising 1) it was raining, 2) it was thundering, 3) i had a huge need to write a blogpost for you all
(whoever you all are)
(considering i still have zero followers)
(but you decide to blog my page views up)
(for which i thank you)
(but really just follow me)
because my Barry M nail polish has been on for two days and I am usually so bad at keeping my polish tidy but it hasb't even chipped
and with my job and work and stuff (b&b cleaning, yawn) it's pretty easy to chip nails etc so for that, Barry.M I thank you
So far I only own one BM polish (Blue Moon) because when i first bought it i didn't like it that much. I am guilty of applying way too much varnish when I do my nails and I got so frustrated because it was so runny. It took me a while to realize I had to apply multiple thin layers as opposed to thick ones (fucking duh).

Robyn, my best friend, actually told me to buy these and I know I'm way beind on the band wagon but whatever get used to it
basically go buy Barry M polish it will change ur life

I hope this demonstrates just how early it was and how tired i am

Also enjoy this little snippet of Florence Welch (my all time favourite singer and band FATM ever of all time, learn that fact and learn it fast, i love them/her) getting wasted on Sunday night and jumping on stage in some South London pub to sing with some South London band
It is great, I haven't seen her this publicly wasted since like 2009, all my best dreams are coming true


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