Wednesday, 17 July 2013

modern baby girl

I woke up and I felt skinny and my stomach felt tight and i could see my hipbones. I'm not bothered about my weight, if i'm at a light weight whatever, if i'm heavier i don't care. I just found it interesting, it was weird.
my finger nails are definitely growing
i have work at half past ten in the morning today and then i come home to shower and we're going on a roadtrip
it's not really a road trip, it's glasgow and we usually get the train there but this time we're driving and i never have road trips, so i'm having fun with it

I'm trying to make my life more interesting by doing things but my budget isn;t agreeing with me, except part of it is temporary tattoos because they're fun and they make you look crazy if people see you got Hello kitty on your wrist
I tried doing some journal stuff last night except it's not a journal it's just a book where i put personal stuff in and maybe write some words, and it's part of my art project
I'm trying to make it as personal as possible; i'm trying to scare my teachers i think

The scanner went weird when it did the front so i just took a picture

This is what i have done already and i have another six weeks, i am so excited
I plan to taker the book everywhere with me and i have taken a load of disposables to stick in it, i hope to fill it with photo's, i asked my teacher and she said it was ok

ALSO I HAVE MADE AN EBAY PAGE, i will be selling probably mostly clothes and my prom dress from last year is up there so go check the page out HERE


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