Monday, 22 July 2013

"i'll be Zachary and you be Sky"

I am super bloated and i'm not sure how i feel about it
i feel terrible
I got stuff from yesterday to post cause i was super lazy and forgot/couldn't be bothered to post (sorry)

Eyeshadows - GOSH, £7.99
Liquid liner - Rimmel Glam Eyes, £5.30
Eyeliner (waterline) - Avon Glimmerstick (smokey diamond), £3
Mascara - Avon Superextend, £4
Foundation - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, £7.70
Powder - Collection 2000 Pressed Powder, £2
Bronzer - Avon GlOW Bronzing Pearls - £10

Yesterdays get-up, i was feeling rather cool and my mom and my sister and I all went out for dinner and it was well good, until it got cold and I was sat outside freezing in a tank top wondering why I was alive but whatever
I had the biggest hugest salad with chicken and bacon and it wasn't as big as it usually is but i was pretty full which made me happy but i felt like a heff all day which nah that wasn't too great
Before I went out I also sunbathed for a considerable amount of time in my yard and I wasn't even out for long but you can already tell I'm catching the sun!!!11(makes me super happy)

Today I literally flung on whatever and hoped for the best yeah

Glasses - Primark, £1
Nails - Barry M, £3.50
Socks - Topshop, £3.50
Vans - £45

Mom asked me to water the plants
Also last night I went crazy with holiday plans and packed everything even though I don't go on holiday for another week and 3 months
I unpacked everything this morning
I did so because I just went crazy making lists and listed everything i was packing, jewellery, toilettries, clothes, shoes etc and then listed everything I needed and the list is rather extensive but I like to be organised
I've had DIIV stuck in my head the entire time of writing this so here is DIIV have a nice day



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