Saturday, 20 July 2013

"well, i'm just tryna like, stay, gracefully drunk *laughs* all day"

So I decided to go out Thursday night and I managed to stay, somewhat, gracefully drunk all night
Though Robyn threw up on herself when she got out the taxi
I woke up to this mess last night and had a panic attack almost maybe (not really) but when myunderwear drawer is tipped out it takes an age to get it all back in

It's my first day of the Summer holiday today and I spent the day cleaning the entire house and ironing everybody's ironing and I have come to a fine conclusion that I am the worst at being a 17 year old girl
I just kept repeating to myself "you are not satisfying gender roles"
I was fine
f i n e

Pink Undercoat - Rimmel, £1.50
Pink Crackle Polish - Collection 2000, no price
Blue Undercoat - Avon, £3
Silver Overcoat - W7, no price

I also had time to do my nails and I don't even know if I like them but whatever


i'm bored

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